The Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

The Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

It is quite obvious that no one has a second to spare in this busy lifestyle and work life.But you should take a look on where you stand on the email list of the subscribers as it is a very important point that will be deciding your relationship with your customers.

If you maintain the perfect relationship with the subscribers this will be help you maintain your subscribers interest in your emails and boost your campaigns success.

So let’s start with the Dont’s of Email marketing

Firing Emails like a machine gun

firing emails

The products or services you offered by you are awesome,and your customers are also aware about that fact it’s just that they don’t want to hear that more often or frequently from you.

So just keep it mild from your end say once a month or once a week may be if you want them to know about a special discount or a important information weekly.

If you are firing at them with your emails everyday then its likely you will start having more unscribers than subscribers.

Not monitoring your analytics

Monitoring your analytics

In the softwares like ours you will find a dashboard that will give you complete idea about the click rates and open rates.

The information of click rates and open rates are worth to be monitored as they tell you a lot about the engagement of your emails with your subcribers.

You can know which emails gained you more clicks and what time of the month,year and day all at once and you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Writing whole life summary

don't bore with your long messages

The fact is that no one is interested in reading a whole long paragraph so your email should be precise and clipped to the point,what you actually want to convey that would be great idea.

The ideal lenght should be somewhere between 50 and 125 words.This range has a response rate of 50% as stated by hubspot.

Not filtering your list

filter emails

It may seem to having a large email list is better,but you should have a healthy email list rather than email list filled with emails that are not responding or blacklisted as they will cause your efforts to go in vain.

You may be having emails in your list that are unresponsive,you can send them discount offers or coupons and if they are still not responding then its time that you should remove them from your list.

stayintouch software shows you the list in a segmented way so you can just select them all and remove from the list and maintain your list integrity.

Now let’s talk about the Do’s of Email marketing

Greeting with a welcome email

welcome emails

We have seen emails having better open rates with welcome email frome those having no welcome emails.

If you just opt welcome email if nothing else you will have a better open rate.

Sending emails periodically

periodic sending of emails

As mentioned earlier in the dont’s emails should have a specific time gap between each send emails as this your subscribers will not like to hear every day from you but once a week or month is just enough to keep your presence in their mind.

The chances of user unscribing from your emails are higher when you are sending emails more often than in a systematic manner.

Design your emails to be personal for a specific customer

personalize emails

Make your emails specific to every subscriber like sending personalised birthday emails as this has a higher open rate than the other emails.

So its important to send personalised emails to your subscribers in their birthdays or anniversary by offering discounts or coupons as this has a higher open rates.

Your email should have a very clear call to action button

clear call to action

As soon as all the email content is set remember to include a clear call to action button for your subscribers such as buying,subscribe button where they can click after viewing your email.

What do you mean by the term “lead magnet”?

What do you mean by the term “lead magnet”?

A lead magnet can be defined as an irresistible bribe offer that includes a specific amount of value to the viewer in return of their contact information.

The only goal of the lead magnet is to maximize the number of the targeted leads for an offer offered by you.

Different types of lead magnets are to be discussed in this post and what are the questions most of the businesses are asking about generating leads.

But first, let us discuss Specificity

It is not at all necessary that lead magnets are to be lengthy or complex or very time consuming to create. You don’t have to scratch your brains to make your lead magnets long and complex just to make it look important. Keep it simple and short.

It will affect you the opposite way in terms of conversion if you have too long lead magnets rather than coming straight to the point as in what exactly are you trying to convey.

Your lead magnet has to be viewed by the audience to have an impact on them.

Your lead magnet will be seen as an important prospect within the five minutes of seeing your offer.

If you are in an online course offering business than it’s not recommended to present a mini session of the course or a 200 pages e-book as it is not likely to be liked by the audiences and is not very specific to the content.

Specificity is the most important point to be kept in mind from all other points to be discussed further.

First, let us learn about the :

  • A guide or a report
A guide or a report

Reports and guide books are the most common types of lead magnets to offer to your audience.

And you can easily be out focused from the point of specificity that we have disused earlier. So it is necessary that you should be careful if you have to use the guide or report.

  • Offering a cheet-sheet or handout
cheet-sheet and report.

Cheat sheets are always the best thing to offer and they are liked by most of the audience and are likely to convert your audience to future customers.

They are generally short and are straight to the point and are very specific as to what they are about and what information they wanna convey.

  • Provide video training
Video training

Suppose you are a software providing company and you want your customers to have full knowledge to how to use your software and want them to be at ease while using you can provide them with video tutorials such as our website stayintouch offers your subscribers are likely to get converted by this simple service.

  • Provide them with tool kit or resource list
Tool kit for email marketing

You can offer them a tool kit or a resource list like what are the things they need to know before getting your service or buying your product likewise.

A tool kit or a resource list can be a great lead magnet for any business as this puts outlook on the service or product they are gonna be experiencing before they are paying for it.

  • Offering a free trial or demo
free trial or demo

A software download or a free trial can be of great use to your audience so that they get to know about the service or product they are trying to buy or subscribe to.

Software companies offer free trials or demo we can say to gain the trust of their clients so as to inform them their service is flawless.

  • Offering discount and free shipping.
discount offers to attract your target audience

This is a great way to attract customers and also is an effective lead magnet. You can offer discounts to those are already your audience and make them your loyal customers by being loyal to them by offering unmatched services and discounts from time to time.

  • Online quiz and survey can always be engaging.
online survey or quiz to engage your audience

An online quiz can be quite engaging as they trigger the curiosity of your audience and keep them engaged. If a user answers the quiz questions he will fill the details like their name and email address.

  • An online competition or a giveaway can be effective.
giveaway or competition to engage customers.

It is one of the most straight forward ways to attract a potential lead email address in return for an entry win if they provide us with the information.

How to make an offer that will boost your conversion rate?

How to make an offer that will boost your conversion rate?

Deciding what to offer so as to convert your audience is not as easy as running an A/B test but its also not very difficult if you follow the right points.

So what are those points that you should remember?

  • Know needs of your audience
  • Creating a valuable lead magnet requires a firm knowledge of what your audience are looking for or searching in the search engine.Keep in mind that user is visiting a website with a purpose of finding some information or buying any service or any product.

    It is also very easy to monitor the online behavior of your audience through a tool named Google analytics.You can monitor the number of users visiting per month,year even a single day monitoring can be done and of course there are other features as well that you can explore.With the help of this tool you will know how to improve your performance.

    Also if you are having trouble finding effective keywords that will be searched by audience you can use another tool Google has named Google adwords.Here you can see how many times a particular keyword is searched and choose your keywords accordingly knowing the search volume of that keyword.

    If you are still confused and have another specific questions you can always visit different filed related forums and also Q&A sites such as Quora and have your confusions cleared.

  • Having a useful resource to offer would be a great
  • Now you know what your audience is looking for,the next step will be creating a lead-gen source that will be leading your viewers to the information that match their needs.

    Now this information could be anything like a webinar session,cheet-sheet or any project that you already have done or may be something different depending on your business.It could be a demo that they can first use and very importantly this should be free for them to use.

    Another important thing the source they are clicking or downloading should be relevant to what they were looking for and should be worth their time

    Moreover the landing page where they are clicking should be free of any distractions or any disturbing content or any ads that can cause them to exit.

    The last step would be delivering the offer as promised without requiring them to cost too much time or expenses.

  • You need to know how to sell your offer.
  • After creating the perfect lead magnet the another step would be to showcase your product or business to the audience.One of the best platform to market your content would be facebook.No one is stranger to the social media platforms like facebook,, instagram, twiiter, snapchat and many more.

    So there are millions of users that are present on this social media platforms and are only increasing day by day.Therefore we can reach a huge amount of audience through this platforms and your engage rates can increase by this marketing platforms and your brand name can be increased through this efforts.

    Another method can be mentioning your business url on your profile.Suppose you have a youtube channel you can insert an offer through halfway or end of your video.

    Also blogs are an effective way to promote any business or product through an article or post.

    So now you have taken the necessary steps towards your audience,hence be patient and wait for the results.

What are metrics?

What are metrics?

Any standard measurements that is adopted by any industry,organization or a team or an individual for that sake can be considered as metrics.

Factors such as efficiency,performance,quality and risk are easy to evaluate and monitor by the term “metrics”.

Talking about the metrics it is mostly used in business functions,strategy implementations and many processes and technologies.

Now talking about the types of metrics there are quite a few variations

But we need to remember only few of them as we are dealing with the digital marketing front.

They are as follows:

Also there is a important metric known as vanity which are measurement and calculations that are designed to be impressive that is quite opposite or different to relevant to core business goals such as revenue and operating margins.

To get more details reach us on this link. Contact Us.

What do you mean by Operating margin?

What do you mean by Operating margin?

A common question asked in business “What do you mean by Operating margin?” .In business terms also known as operating profit margin or operating income margin can be defined as operating profit to the net sales which is usually presented in percentage.

operating margin=operating income/Revenue

operating profit is a net profit that measures profitability of a company or a business after accounting overall costs.

The main purpose of the it is to measure the profit of a particular business. It is a deciding factor to decide whether a business is in profit or loss.

Every company OR business is a group of projects and different sections and every section of the business performance can be measured individually.

Webzworld gives helps you in growing business by creating your presence on the internet. Google Adwords gives you a platform to advertising yourself on the digital medium.

This article gives more insight.

The operating margin measures how much profit a company makes on a dollar of sales, after paying for variable costs of production, such as wages and raw materials, but before paying interest or tax. It is calculated by dividing a company’s operating profit by its net sales.

Know about G-mail Tabs.

Know about G-mail Tabs.

Based on the multiplex and constantly changing algorithm of g-mail that keeps in consideration –

  • Subscribers engagement
  • Content
  • Sender information
G-mail delivers messages to tabbed inboxes.

Bulk emails OR Marketing emails that we send often have a higher chance of landing into promotions tab. Unfortunately stayintouch or for that sake any other E-mail marketing service provider cannot control placing of E-mails in G-mail primary tab directly.

Also there is no proven way that can beat G-mail’s algorithms.Only a Subscriber you are sending the E-mail to can move your E-mail from promotional tab to primary tab.

In this article or post to say you will get to know about the G-mail tabs and what can be done by the subscribers to ensure that your E-mail can be delivered to the primary tab.

Promotions tab benefits

When G-mail first introduced the invox tab many professional marketers where in a dilema that subscribers may overlook the promotions tab.As G-mail Promotions tab contains only marketing E-mails and promotional offers.

Fortunately studies show that Promotions tab are used by people.According to studies it is seen that tabs have improved deliverability also increased open rates and also decreased spam complaints.

Its not like that G-mail’s inbox organization will affect all your g-mail subscribers.As inbox tabs are optional for G-mail users and many of them are likely to disable them.

Sending your E-mails to the primary tab

Your E-mails can land into the subscriber’s Primary tab if you are able to maintain a healthy audience.If you are engaging properly with your subscribers they will be willing to make changes to their G-mail accounts to move your campaigns to primary tab.

Encouraging your subscribers to take the following acions:

  • Add your “From email address”to your subscribers google contacts

A contact saved in subscribers google contacts will always lands in primary tab of the subscribers.In your welcoming emails and in your content you can ask your sbscribers to add your “from email address” to their google contacts so your E-mails directly land in the Primary tab.

  • Always move your E-mails to Primary tab

You can always teach G-mail where to deliver your E-mails.When a subscriber move a campaign from Promotion tab to Primary tab G-mail always ask the subscriber if they want that campaign to get delivered in to that tab.

If you are properly engaging your subscribers and want them to take these actions you can help them by these G-mail instruction manual

Make your Email Marketing Campaign Engaging

Make your Email Marketing Campaign Engaging

Now as we know the present generation uses platforms like Facebook,Snapchat,Whatsapp and so on.So the email platform is primarily used for “Business interactions”.But you are already aware of the scenario So i don’t really need to bore you with this information.

Probably you already know about the numbers and numbers of “Promotional Emails” or advertising email you are receiving everyday from different sites.You may be bored of seeing them pop up in your inbox every now and then.

As a marketing professional this holds you in strenuous spot.As you are no stranger to the fact how important email marketing is.The obstacle is,if your email marketing campaigns are not compelling enough for a reader to glance at you will be just like any other promotional emails that no one pays interest in-which will waste your time and efforts.

So you need to create email campaign that people will

  1. Pay regards to.

  2. Actually like your content.

So this are the five Pro tips to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are effective.

1.Draw their attention with an attractive subject line.

The tip is very basic yet very important when it comes to email marketing.For an email to be viewed by any user it has to draw his/her attention instantly and he/she should feel the email is worth opening.

I have studied that when it comes to email subject lines the straight forward approach gives your viewer the clear prospective as in what the email is all about.But this approach is not always beneficial.

Lets take an example,suppose you’re promoting an blog article.If you use title as subject line that means it will be repetitive as when they will open the blog they will see the same subject line as title.For this you should mention some astonishing fact as your subject line so that they will be curious to know about full article.

An another aspect would be to mention such subject lines that viewer would be curious to know such as “Make money while you are asleep”.So this is a catchy phrase right,there are many out there you can play out with.

2.Offering real benefit to your subscribers

a. Unique value

Every viewer would be willing to subscribe if you offering something exclusive such as a “discount” on your product or a free demo to know your service better.

It does not always work to simply say “Hey there here’s an offer for you”.You should be making people care for buying the product at the first place.

b. Providing valuable information

Offering real value to the subscribers with every marketing email you send out.

These emails you are sending out should have a short description and an exemplary chart.

What i am really trying to say is you should provide a new information with every email you send without putting any pressure on the sales part.

c. Emotional value

Adding a emotional value to your email.

For example if its a ngo you can show case how your ngo works and how affected the lives of other.

3.Your email should be short and crisp

I have come across various emails that are filled with too much stuffed information rather than mentioning the actual highlight about the fact.

Suppose you are promoting an article or an blog you should be very precise with the information that is juicy rather than other blahblah stuffs.

So it should be your goal to deliver the short juicy fact about the whole article rather than stuffing unwanted information that deviates from the actual stuff.

You fetch the highlight of the whole article and make a short and crisp summary about the fact that will generate interest of viewers in your article as they will be curious to know more about the whole article.

4.Overdoing will annoy your subscribers

Most of the companies acquire the daily method when it comes to email.
But its not recommendable for everyone to apply to their business.

Its quite obvious for a subscriber to get frustrated if he/she receives a daily email.You may be wondering if you use the daily approach you may be engaged with your subscribers

But its not necessary that your subscribers think the same way as you.

Sorry to say but its the truth that your subscribers are not very fond of you.

Although there is no rule or a specific limit as such for sending emails to your subscribers.

The chances of accepting an email by the subscribers varies depending on the industry type and a particular brand.

You have to keep an eye on metrics over a couple of months to see whats your subscribers behavior is.

The things you should be monitoring are :

  • Open rate.

  • Click through rate.

  • Conversion rate.

  • Bounce rate.

  • List growth rate.

  • Overall ROI.

  • NOTE:Always remember the above metrics should always be monitored to get the results and make necessary changes if needed.

    Our team generally sends maximum of 3 emails per week.

    We have observed that sending more than that subscribers are about to get annoyed.

    Maximum of 3 emails are enough to get you on subscribers mind which is what you need and sending more than that will suffocate your subscribers.

    5.Mix it up

    In association with not overdoing it, it’s also a good idea to mix up the types of emails that you send to the subscribers.

    For example, you may send out an email every time you publish a new article on your brand’s blog, and these emails might follow a similar format of header images, article’s title, and short description. But don’t make this the only kind of email you send out.

    Mixing up the types of email will make your email interesting.

    If you are sending the same kind of email every time your subscriber will expect the same content and they are likely to unsubscribe if they don’t find this kind of email valuable.

    So these are the tips that have helped our team in the field of email marketing,benefit will differ depending on the type of industries you are in,so try it out and experience the change.

What do you mean by return on investment (ROI) ?

What do you mean by return on investment (ROI) ?

Return of investment is nothing but the amount of capital invested by a company or single person and what is the profit i.e return they get of that investment.

  • High ROI
  • indicates the return of investment is good and the investment is turned in the favor of the investor.

  • Low ROI
  • indicates the return of investment is not good and the investment is against the expectations of the investor.

    As a performance measure, ROI is used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiencies of several different investments.

    The investment with the largest ROI is usually in the top prioritization,the spread of ROI over the time period of an investment should also be taken into account.

    Risk with ROI usage

    risk with roi usage

    To use ROI as an indicator for prioritizing investment projects is very risky since usually the ROI figure is not accompanied by an explanation of its make-up.

    As there are no proper reasons or explanations with the measuring results of roi it is quite risky.

    One of greatest risks that comes with the traditional ROI calculation is that it does not fully “capture the short-term or long-term importance, value, or risks associated with natural and social capital” because it does not account for the environmental, social and governance performance of an organization.

    What is Email Open rate ?

    What is Email Open rate ?

    Email OPEN rate can be defined as a marketing term used by the marketers for checking how many of their emails where “opened” OR “viewed” they have send out to their list of campaign.

    Some Email Service Providers (ESP) are also tracking unique email opens.One of the best agencies in the field is stayintouch .

    This is similar to an email open but has an advantage that unique email opens can eliminate all duplicate opens that occurs.

    Open rates are typically tracked by using a transparent small transparent tracking image, which is embedded in outgoing emails send by the company or any firm.

    When the browser used to display the email requests of that image, an “open” is recorded for that email by the host server of that image.

    The email will not be counted as open until one of the following occurs

    • Image in the email enabled by the recipient.

    • Interaction of the recipient by clicking on a link.

    E-mail marketing for small businesses

    E-mail marketing for small businesses

    E-mail marketing is one of the best advertising means for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

    Littler organizations are frequently hesitant to put cash in publicizing, just in light of the fact that there’s not unreasonably a lot of cash they can spend.

    Be that as it may, email advertising programming is accessible at strange costs and offers high-level return following. You’ll know where each and every penny went, and that is significant for a littler promoting spending plan.

    Moreover, individuals are substantially more responsive with regards to email promoting, on the grounds that endorsers need to enable you to send them messages. The authorization is really a significant thing, and quite confounding for the individuals who are simply beginning.

    Email advertising is authorization based, and generally requires the clients to affirm their email address when they sign up to an email bulletin. In any case, the authorization to mail is the thing that sets email advertising separated from other direct showcasing shapes, since it enables you to really fabricate an association with your clients.

    Email promoting makes brand mindfulness, which is valuable for most, yet particularly neighborhood organizations. In the event that an individual knows you from your messages (yet the individual needs to really like you), that individual is much bound to pick your items in the event that the person has been given the chance.

    E-mail marketing fits with the current marketing trends pretty well

    It’s anything but difficult to incorporate Twitter, Facebook, and other online life into your battles. While it is addressed whether online networking is successful by any stretch of the imagination, social locales do make it simpler for the client to speak with you. Adding your online networking streams to your messages will urge the clients to give you valuable input and a little buzz, as well.

    Also, ultimately, most independent companies use email advertising at any rate. It encourages them remain with a solitary client for whatever length of time that conceivable, and is a proficient technique for promoting, not just in light of the fact that it’s so modest.

    So, to reiterate, this is why e-mail marketing rocks for smaller businesses:

  • E-mail marketing can track each and every penny you invest
  • E-mail marketing has the best response rates in advertising
  • It creates brand awareness (really useful for businesses that are just starting out)
  • E-mail marketing offers a chance to interact with customers and create dynamic marketing
  • Most small businesses already do it anyway
  • Besides, email lists are an extraordinary uninvolved wellspring of salary you can rely on over the long haul. On the off chance that you are faithful to your clients and don’t do anything excessively out of the line, they will regard you and pick your items for quite a long time, even years. It’s as yet imperative to secure new endorsers however.

    We aren’t stating that email promoting is the sacred goal we’ve all been searching for. We’re stating that email promoting is really near being one. Despite everything you need to get things done without anyone else, regardless you need to do cutesy things with your crusades, stay aware of the advancements in promoting, and really work a great deal to make your email advertising efforts fruitful.

    Here are some quick tips if you’ve decided to try email marketing:

    Add a sign-up form at your website ASAP. You’ll acquire subscribers – even if you don’t send that much content yet.

    Add your company’s social media channels – this will help your e-mails become dynamic and offer a greater chance for the customer to interact with you

    Try and do some A/B split testing. Send different versions of your newsletter to different subscribers, and see which one generates better results.

    Know the difference between spam and permission-based email. You have to acquire permission to mail people. Don’t manually add people you don’t know to your mailing list; don’t buy e-mail lists you’ll later spam until infinity.

    Develop a strategy which clearly states your goals with e-mail marketing. Whether it’s simply selling more products or expanding your business globally, is entirely your call.